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Yesterday’s killed assignment is today’s free gift to the world! I always really liked the way this T-Shirt design turned out so I was a little disappointed when the project eventually got killed by the clothing company who originally commissioned it. I kept thinking of ways I could get this image out into the light of day for people to see, but a mere blog post just didn’t seem fitting. That’s when things got real nerdy. After quickly converting this illustration into a desktop wallpaper for my own computer, my inner design geek started obsessing over how much the new aesthetic clashed with all of the application icons in my dock. How could I stand by and not leap into action? As you can see, my OCD took over (like it always does) and I created a set of 20 dock icons along with 3 desktop icons to round out the “look” of my workspace.

Now in an admittedly weak attempt to not feel like I did all of this just for myself, I’m offering out my new desktop set to the universe via a free download. The zip file found in the link below contains 21 and 27 inch iMac desktop wallpaper files, an assortment of 20 dock icons, and the three desktop icons (hard drive, external hard drive, and a grey folder). If you’re running OS X 10.8 (like me) then you’ll need an icon replacement app like the completely free and easy to use candybar (which I used for my own setup). So whether you’re into my work or you want to “freshen” up the look of your desktop or you really just like to download anything labeled “free”, then today’s your lucky day! Help yourself and enjoy:

The Trophy Desktop Set  (27.2MB)

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  1. Vale
    November 3, 2014

    Hello and Thank You !!

    I saw your work on behance, I got here and now I’m addicted to your style.
    Lots of icons now missing from my setup, and I’m only asking if, the PSD can be available to continue the line of the icons.
    If not, there’s no problem.

    Thank you.


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